Welcome to the pub...pour a pint and get comfortable

Welcome to the pub...pour yourself a pint of homebrew and stay awhile.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Burg Rheinfels Castle - Where to Stay While Touring the Rhine Valley

Part 2 of Touring the Rhine Valley

Traveling the Rhine is a great destination for couples or families by spending your day hiking, trying the local wine or beer and visiting castles.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.  My husband and I loved our time on the Rhine - especially our night at Burg Rheinfels.

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We ended our first full day on the Rhine arriving by ferry to the town of St. Goar near the Lorelei Rock.  One glance up the hill and we knew that we did not have the energy to hike to the castle so we found a pub, ordered a beer and a taxi.  Beers on the bank of the Rhine - The Tipsy Terrier blog
Castle Rheinfels on the Rhine - The Tipsy Terrier blog
 It was a little confusing when we reached Burg Rheinfels because there are a few different restaurants, a spa, apartments, hotel, and various vistas.  I wish I had this great aerial photo to help guide us but after walking back and forth between the villas and the castle we found the check in desk.
Sign post at Castle Rheinfels - The Tipsy Terrier blog
We had reserved a standard room for the night, in advance, and were excited that we had a view of the river.  There are 64 rooms to choose from ranging from a room in the attic to a suite with a balcony over looking the Rhine. I recommend making a reservation in advance here.  Burg Rheinfels would also be a lovely spot for a destination wedding - a fairytale dream.
Standard Room at Castle Rheinfels hotel - The Tipsy Terrier Blog

View from our room at Burg Rheinfels - The Tipsy Terrier blog
After relaxing a bit we headed down to one of the restaurants for dinner.  The castle makes their own wine from grapes around the castle. It also seems that we spotted Santa Claus on holiday enjoying a stay at Burg Rheinfels.
Santa on Holiday at Castle Rheinfels - The Tipsy Terrier blog
I slept like a princess in our cozy room.  In the morning we awoke to a foggy morning on the Rhine, but it was still breathtaking.  We ate a wonderful breakfast in an enclosed porch overlooking the river.
Breakfast at Castle Rheinfels - The TIpsy Terrier blog
Before checking out of the hotel we decided to explore the ruins of the castle, which began construction in the 13th century.  The town of St. Goar's history goes back to the time of the Romans and later became a pilgrimage stop to visit the the tomb of the town's namesake.  The castle was built by Count Diether V von Katzenelnbogen to protect the tax collectors in town and later grew to be the most prominent castle on the Rhine.  In 1692 it was the only castle on the left bank of the Rhine not occupied by French troops sent by Louis the 14th.  Sadly the castle was handed over in 1794 the French revolutionary troops who blew up the exterior walls.
Ruins of Burg Rheinfels - The Tipsy Terrier blog
There are many tunnels and rooms that you can visit.
Ruins of Burg Rheinfels - The Tipsy Terrier blog
If you forget your flash light there are candles and torches to light your way.
Exploring Castle Rheinfels by candlelight - The Tipsy Terrier blog
On our way back to the dock we stopped to see the Largest Cuckoo Clock in the World! 

Shopping in St. Goar - The Tipsy Terrier blog
 View of St. Goar from Castle Rheinfels - The Tipsy Terrier blog
Good Bye St. Goar - The Tipsy Terrier blog
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