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Welcome to the pub...pour yourself a pint of homebrew and stay awhile.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Koln (Cologne) , Germany

Cologne or Koln, Germany.  This amazing cathedral is steps from the train station and is definitely worth a visit if you are in Germany or a neighboring country.

Gothic German Cathedral - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
The Cathedral in Cologne is a World Heritage Site, the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and has the second tallest spires in the entire world.  This church is massive which also makes it difficult to photograph, but fun trying  I am at least a block away in the next picture and barely fit the entire facade in the frame. 
Gothic German Cathedral - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com

There are 509 spiraling stone steps the viewing platform that provide a stunning view of the Rhine.  The climb is a steep one but the price isn't - only two and a half euros for admission.  It is free to enter the main portion of the church.

German Gothic Cathedral view - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com

The cathedral is opposing on the outside but the inside is quite the opposite.   Many Gothic churches and cathedrals feel dark and foreboding, especially if the right organ music is playing (I was a little frightened when I visited Notre Dame.)  Cologne was full of light streaming through the colorful stained glass windows that day.  The beams of light danced upon the stone in the nave which I did my best the capture.

German Gothic - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
German Gothic - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
Gothic Stained Glass - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com

Shrine of the Three Kings, which is said to hold the remains of the Three Wise Men is what the Cathedral was built around.  Cologne is a stop for many pilgrims so that they my see the gold ornate sarcophagus studded with jewels.

German Gothic Cathedral - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com

This was the first day of our Beer Fest in Germany/Austria/Belgium/Netherlands.  We flew overnight from San Francisco to Dusseldorf and easily caught the train at the airport to Cologne.  We spent a few hours touring the church, climbing the spire and surrounding neighborhood before continuing on to Mainz where we began our tour of the Rhine. 

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Gnome Gothic Cathedral - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
Cedric tagged along for this trip!

Our other stops in Germany: Burg RheinfelsRhine River by ferry and train , Marksburg Castle, Burg Eltz, Heidleberg,   Rothenburg odT Linderhof Palace



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  1. This is the best cathedral i've seen in Germany. I loved it!