Welcome to the pub...pour a pint and get comfortable

Welcome to the pub...pour yourself a pint of homebrew and stay awhile.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got Corks?

If you like wines, then you have plenty of these lying around.
Corks, oh the possibilities - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
I made a square bulletin board with our first collection of corks.
rectangular cork board, DIY - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
When a hoop came loose on one of our wine barrel cocktail tables in the garden I had another idea.
wire fox terrier pub sign - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
See our Mannenkin Pis? You can buy your own here
cork art using a wine barrel hoop - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
This project takes quite a few corks if you lay them on end like I did.  I could not have done this without the help of my friends!  I received help in drinking the wine and also by donation.  Once you tell your friends that you are collecting you will be amazed on the corks that will come your way.

My first thought was to just hold the corks in with tension.  Wrong...since the hoop is made out of metal it flexed as the corks created pressure against the edges.  I ended up adding a layer of glue to the back and that has kept them in place over the last year in earthquake country.

cork art using wine barrel hoop - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
If you cannot find a hoop suitable to use there are a few different kits on the market that have a round wooden frame.
Cork art using wine barrel hoop  - tipsyterrier.blogspot.com
I do not see using this as a bulletin board anytime soon.  We enjoy the cork display as wall art.  Now what to do with my new growing collection of corks?



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